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June 2018

SIFF Red Carpet - Butterflies Interview With Behind The Rabbit Productions


BWW Review: BUTTERFLIES ~ A Powerful And Poignant Anti-Bullying Allegory


March 20, 2018

“BUTTERFLIES, directed by Cady McClain and written by and featuring Carlotta Summers, is a riveting, emotionally powerful, and important anti-bullying allegory of survival and empowerment…”

Film Review: Cady McClain Directs Butterflies Written/Starring Carlotta Summers: See this Short with A Big Message About Bullying at Ridgewood Guild Film Festival


May 5, 2018

Thirteen short minutes. A significant amount of time- adolescence perhaps-in the short few weeks of a butterfly’s lifespan. Enough time for a metamorphosis. Adapt. Evolve. Survive. Butterflies captures and pins under glass for all to see the effects of bullying…”

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'Butterflies' writer, star Carlotta Summers addresses bullying, empowerment


October 15, 2018

“EASTON — Maryland native Carlotta Summers, an award winning actress, writer and producer, recently attended the Chesapeake Film Festival this weekend to showcase her short film “Butterflies.”

The 14-minute short film, that Summers wrote and starred as Melanie, tells the story about a mix raced teenager abandoned by her childhood best friend, who is now allied with a bullying clique of mean girls. Melanie is inspired to fight back by contemplating the life cycle of a butterfly...”

Panel for New Filmmakers LA, 2019

Panel for New Filmmakers LA, 2019

Call Answered: Carlotta Summers: "Butterflies" at Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema


July 24, 2018

After seeing the powerful short-film Butterflies and interviewing director Cady McClain, I'm so excited to be chatting with Carlotta Summers herself, writer, producer, & star of this project! The film has already won BEST SHORT FILM and BEST ACTRESS for a short film for the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, 2018…”