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Her-Story: Abandoned by her childhood best friend, who is now allied with a bullying clique of mean girls, a mixed- race teenager is inspired to fight back by contemplating the life cycle of a butterfly.

Caterpillars will often eat plants with toxicity...They will then make use of these toxins for their own survival. This often shows up in the bright reds and other luminescent colors in a butterfly’s wings that are useful in protecting the butterfly from consumption by predators.
— Butterflies
“...harrowing and emblematic musical score by newcomer Prom and the absolutely stunning cinematography by A.J. Wilhelm. Both work to maintain an aesthetic that manages to equally capture a uniquely feminine perspective, and an unusual atmospheric tension similar to that of Brandon Cronenberg.”
— Film Threat, 2018
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…I needed this when I was younger. Thank you endlessly!
— Ashley Wisneski, U.W. Greenbay Student
Butterflies was selected out of 10 films as a finalist for Artist Vodka d’Or Award!

Butterflies was selected out of 10 films as a finalist for Artist Vodka d’Or Award!



Butterflies thrives through its poignant performances and stunning cinematography
— Film Threat, 2018
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Watch as a caterpillar digests itself inside a shell. Creating something new and beautiful...


#RaiseYourHand = A movement showing the importance of children raising their hand in class, despite the negative influences surrounding them.